The Beginner's Guide to EMFs

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What are EMFs?”

Are there health concerns with EMFs?”

Are EMFs dangerous to me and my family?”

How can I get rid of EMFs?”

Have these questions crossed your mind?

If they have, you’re not alone and this guide will help you answer all of them!

Welcome to The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs!

Written for beginners, this guide explains all about EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Fields) and provides clear, practical steps of how to eliminate or reduce your exposure to these man-made sources of radiation.

The book is divided into four main sections:

LEARNING ABOUT EMFs - This first six chapters explain what EMFs are and the four main types of EMFs, including a section on 5G.

IDENTIFYING EMF SOURCES & TESTING - The next section discusses common EMF sources and how to test for the four types of EMFs.

TAKING ACTION - The third section explains how to take action in reducing, shielding and eliminating these EMF sources.

EMF FIELD GUIDES and EMF STEP-BY-STEP GUIDES - These 15 guides located in Appendix B of the guide walk you through the common EMF sources found in your homes, vehicles and work environments and then provide "low EMF solutions" for each. Jam packed with valuable content, these should probably be their own standalone books.

The Beginner's Guide to EMFs will educate you about EMFs and help you make more informed lifestyle decisions, especially in regard to the use of technology.

The information within will be eye-opening, but this is an educational journey worth undertaking.

A quick blurb about me:

I wrote The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs to spread the word on what I’ve learned from extensive research, attaining professional EMF certification, and being a part of a burgeoning and supportive EMF-awareness community.

My goals for this guide are, as follows:

  • To help you understand man-made EMFs and their potential risks.

  • To teach you how to reduce (or eliminate entirely) the man-made EMF sources found in your home.

  • To help safeguard the people and pets that you love from unwanted and unnecessary levels of electro-magnetic radiation.

  • To help emphasize that these concerns are unlikely to be addressed by the governmental agencies (at least in the near future).

  • To be truthful and realistic, yet hopeful and lighthearted.

This guide will show how you and your family are exposed to these man-made EMFs and provide guidance on how you can reduce your exposure.

This guide won’t demand that you become a Luddite or move to a log cabin, off-the-grid, in the middle of the Sierras.

Thankfully, many of the recommended changes listed in this guide will have minimal effect on the daily flow of you and your family's lives.

I’m certain you’ll find the The Beginner’s Guide to EMFs informative and helpful.

Onward, we go!


Brenton Thomas

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A Practical Guide for Reducing You and Your Family's Man-Made EMF Exposure

EMF Field Guides
EMF Step-by-Step Guides
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The Beginner's Guide to EMFs

The Beginner's Guide to EMFs

0 ratings
I want this!